Friday, August 12, 2011


Wondering what my deal has been? Where have all the recipes gone?
Well, I've been a little preoccupied!
Imagine this...the writer of the Mummies Yummies blog gains over 35 pounds?!
You might say, well no surprise there! She clearly likes to cook, therefore, she probably likes to eat! I mean there is even a picture of her shoving her face with food in the sidebar!!!
All of that is true, but would you believe it if I told you that I never struggled with weight in my life.
When I was in high school, I was always a healthy weight. Not toothpick skinny, but I could eat whatever I wanted to and never weighed more than 120 (and 5'6").
Then, as an adult I settled into weighing around 135-140. I was "fine" at that weight, but didn't feel super fit, but I also didn't gain weight even if I ate a bunch of junk. I must say, I didn't appreciate my weight and I didn't take care of myself, never thinking that one day it might not be so easy for me!
Well, that day came! It happened slowly. After I had my second child, I easily dropped all of my pregnancy weight and returned to my 130's! Little by little the weight starting creeping on and my energy level took a dive. Then as I found myself weighing 150, I wondered what on earth was going on. Well, it turned out I had a bit of a transient hypothyroid problem. Basically, that meant that something in pregnancy had brought on the condition causing my thyroid to quit doing it's job and it caused my weight to increase more easily than usual. But within less than 1 year, my levels went back to normal. I should have worked harder to drop the weight then (3 years ago), if I had only seen what was coming in the future! Now, I'm not saying that if I did anything differently that it would have changed my condition or kept it from coming back, but I might not have had to start out so far behind the game with my weight. So, as I just eluded to, the condition came back...and with a vengeance!
6 weeks ago I was again diagnosed with hypothyroid and Monday of this week it was confirmed that the cause is a condition called Hashimotos! Apparently what happened was somewhere along the line, my immune system decided to attack my thyroid, thus killing some of it off and now it's not doing it's job again!
So, with that, I re-launched a blog that I had private over 18 months ago and went public with my weight loss journey!
This has meant a new way of eating for me. Now I have to be very purposeful when putting food in my mouth. I need to make sure it is truly fueling my body. I don't want to be a slave to my thyroid and the various conditions (like high cholesterol and heart disease) that can come with it, so I am going to feed my body well. I'm not ok with putting on more pounds and just blaming it on my thyroid. I know that if I am not intentional about what I eat, the "bad" stuff will turn right into extra unwanted pounds! And with unwanted pounds, could come unwanted side as a mother of two young children, I am going to put my best foot forward and get healthy for my kids sake!
If you are interested in following this journey, click here:
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Thank you!


  1. Just checking in on you in all various sorts of ways! :o) Reading the book Happy Sexy Healthy right now. SO GOOD! It is all about what you are going through and doing! Check it out! By Nancy Deville.

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