Monday, January 26, 2009

Family Pizza!

There are many many variations of this idea, but if you have a Publix grocery store here is one way to go...They have a little refrigerator near the bakery that they keep fresh pizza dough. All you have to do is let it sit out an hour or two before making your pizza and you can get the whole family involved!

You can use whatever toppings you like.
What we used last night was:
1 ball of Publix fresh pizza dough
1 jar pre-made pizza sauce
1 12 oz bag of shredded Italian cheeses
1 link of mild Italian sausage (I took off the casing and fried it up)
a few fresh basil leaves
1 T olive oil to brush on the crust before baking

Roll out the dough, brush the edges with oil and have fun topping it!
Bake at 425 for 12-17 minutes.
You could even spilt the dough and make mini pizzas for each member of the family.
Have fun with it!

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