Friday, December 25, 2009


This recipe came from my friend Hallsy, whose family used to make this during the holidays. He brought back leftovers one time to my boyfriend's (now husband) house and I got a taste. It was the strangest sounding thing, but actually quite delicious. Now, this is the second year that I have made it!

2 small onions -- chopped

1 Stalk celery -- chopped
2 Tb Butter
1 lb Ground beef
1/2 c Dry red wine
1/4 lb Pignoli nuts
1/2 c White raisins
1/4 c White rice
1 box crushed zweiback cookies or 5oz ginger snaps --crushed
1 C Water

2 Tb tomato paste

Salt and pepper to taste or Greek seasoning (preferred)


Brown onions and celery in butter. Add beef and cook until brown.
Add wine and tomato paste, and simmer until meat is tender.
Add nuts, raisins, and rice. Stir in water and cook,
covered, until the rice is done. Mix in cookies crumbs
and season to taste. Stuff loosely into the turkey. Or leave out and serve in bowl.

If made ahead (not in turkey), you could bake in 325 oven for 20 minutes to reheat before serving. Stuffs a 10-12 pound turkey.

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