Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guilt-free Pie

My friend Chara made this a looooooong time ago and I've had fun making all sorts of varieties of this guilt free pie. And best of all it is incredibly easy and delicious!

1 6 oz pre-made graham cracker or shortbread pie shell
1 8 oz container of "free" cool whip, thawed
1 6 oz container of fat free or light key lime pie yogurt

Thaw cool whip in the refrigerator the night before preparing.
Fold cool whip with yogurt and spoon into pie shell. Place into freezer for a few hours until thoroughly frozen. Remove,slice and enjoy!!!

You can make your own creations with this one...use cherry yogurt and a chocolate pie crust for a chocolate covered cherry pie. The possibilities are endless! :)

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